August 6

There’s a space in Redfern that we unsuccessfully tried to ‘rent’ for our first show from a group of people who turned out to be either broke or criminals. We’re still chasing all the money we put down for hire and bond (we aren’t the only ones either). Our calls and emails aren’t returned and the police have been notified. Ignore any dealings with the 365 Music Group.

In better news, our next event will be held in a good friend’s warehouse he’s turned into a functional living space. The stage and PA will be set up in the lounge room. People will be treated to five bands playing loudly through a quality sound system to a room that fits around 80 people. xRKx will be prerecording visuals to accompany the music. Here’s the poster for the night done by our mate Nick Potts. 

august 6 real





Jason Galea makes wiggy-as graphics and music videos for some of our favourite Australian bands. Clear your schedule and watch and gaze at what he’s made.


Jason Galea: Gum – Delorean Highway

“I came across Jason when I was ogling at this poster for the Panache Spring Fling featuring White Fence, yet another ear-watering gig that I won’t be able to make it to because it’s across the Atlantic. Panache is a boutique booking agency in LA which represent bands like Ty Segall, Chris Cohen, Jacco Gardner, Fuzz, Juliana Barwick, U.S Girls…I could go on. In keeping with its roster it commissions the likes of Melbourne-based visual artist Jason Galea to make the posters and sleeves look as cool and apt as possible. Jason clearly knows what he’s doing with these posters, record sleeves and animations. This is the work of someone who has studied the music visuals of the past, sat around a Ouija board, reincarnated them, and smoked the spirits up in an acid-green infinity bong before splurging them out as art. It’s okay to rip stylistic qualities from eras gone by, but only if you, like Jason, genuinely love the music, and know exactly what you are doing.”

by Liv Siddall from It’s Nice That
Jason Galea: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Cellophane 7
Jason Galea: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Oddments
Jason Galea: The Murlocs – Loop Holes

Jason Galea: Robert Muinos – You’re Not Alone