Skinny Dave Noble’s band is called All My Alien Sex Friends. He also golfs, draws and is about to release his first album. We met at his favourite tea shop and drank lavender tea.



When you get on the green and start getting pars and birdies, that’s just the ultimate feeling. Plus when you hit 250 metres straight – that’s what I was doing over Easter. I was hitting the hugest drives I’ve ever hit. It’s easy when you’re hitting 30 metres away from the green every time, and then you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m one for two’ and then when you’re on the green there’re opportunities for birdies, and then when you start missing birdies, you start getting angry. Then you say, ‘Fuck, I gotta get me some birdies.’ And there are so many variables just on the putting surfaces; courses have different grass. Every golf course is individual. It’s just fantastic.


Oh, you know that time we were playing at Chatswood? That was the time I had a vape and wrote that stand up joke, which is umm…I’m a bit too high to remember what my stand up jokes are right now. We were on the seventh and I had a vape and all of a sudden I started slicing it. I was like, ‘No! I’m not a slicer.’ That’s when I realised I had a problem with it. I said, ‘You can’t smoke weed and play golf.’ But I’ve realised you can. You just have to start high. The biggest distance I’ve ever hit was when I was stoned.


It’s slow motion. When you take a step this way and just huck it and watch it glide away, out there, and your friend catches it in the end zone 90 metres away…that feels really good. You put it in the right place. My dad brought frisbee into Turramurra High School. I had American frisbees when I was a kid.


I just get a pen out and start drawing circles, then cartoon eyes, and then the beams coming out…I guess that design came from knowing about Alex Grey, and knowing about the whole DMT thing.


Alex Grey

I went away with a friend and took a bunch of magic mushrooms. My phone ran out of battery so I couldn’t take a picture of this view I was seeing so decided to draw it. That design of the opera house kind of thing came out of that.

skinny 2


I make mistakes but keep going, improvising on the mistakes. Looking at shapes and thinking ‘What shape haven’t I drawn yet?’ Then shapes inside shapes and all of a sudden…I start my drawings at 10 at night and finish at 3am. Then all your content is done before you start thinking about what you’re actually doing. And that’s the way I do music. I come up with the finished product and then it’s, ‘What now? Now it’s just disappointment. Oh what? No one wants to hear it? Oh fair enough.’ I like making it. I’d prefer not to play shows.


Having an album called Just Green and releasing it with a little bit of cannabis. I’m using the Playstation font on the cover. The original Playstation font. From now on I want to release my albums in green, just green. But different shades for different releases. All I need is radio play. If the radio don’t play any of the songs they can go fuck themselves. I don’t know, I can’t see them not playing the songs this time round. The first time round it wouldn’t get played on the radio but…when you’re a small band you try and you fail. You have to. That’s the way it is. And now I’ve got the vision, and if I just do the things in the vision, then hopefully that takes me further than just trying. At the moment I have two unrecorded albums sitting in my head. I just want minor success. If I don’t get minor success I’ll just release another album.

LISTEN TO SKINNY’S MUSIC  and be on the look out for Just Green.